Published on 23.12.2019 by Anke Van Goethem, Copywriting & PR

WeWantMore. One year in. Part two

Events - Concept

One year WeWantMore was a milestone we couldn’t ignore. You don’t change your name after 13 years overnight, you know. So on November 28th 2019, we welcomed our close contacts for an evening out the ordinary — this quick recap should get you up to speed.

We shared our creative insights on stage, but off stage we wanted guests to experience our vision put into practice. We wanted them to be moved by a design. Thrilled even. Or fascinated. Feeling something in any case. Just like we set out to do with every design. And so, we took a closer look at our past and future projects, but this time we reinterpreted them as our own. Pulling them out of their intended context and into our creative habitat. It resulted in a series of unusual objects balancing on the junction of design, art and entertainment.

Objects beyond the project.

In Chez Claire pastry boutique they’re hanging from the ceiling but for One Year WeWantMore these quirky rounded mirrors ganged up to form a life-sized rotating globe reflecting every tiny beam of light and movement. Whether it makes you want to ‘do the hustle’ or the staring game we like to think this is how Claire’s — the shop’s eclectic imaginary host — bathroom mirror would look like.

l’Epouse du Boucher never made the execution phase but it did made the cut for One Year WeWantMore. The split personality butcher store concept we created a while back included some killer features. Straight out of the butcher’s counter: a steak inspired lighting feature made out of punctured felt based on the meat-like Rosso Levanto marble used in the original design. The accompanying bespoke terrazzo side table contains chunks of shredded cow bone instead of traditional pieces of marble.

The energetic brand identity for urban residence ROXI branched out into a playful column. The typographic pillar is based on the characters of the ROXI word mark. Each letter was shaped into a geometrical three-dimensional form layered on top of the other. Or how a logo-turned-sculpture made the crossover from graphic to spatial design without losing sight of its original purpose: making a mark.

Introducing: the dumpling vases. The branding for Madame Sum — a Swiss dumpling atelier — was fuelled by an asymmetrical identity system based on the slightly odd wrinkles and foldings of dim sum. Those same forms were used as the preset shape to 3D-print four ceramic vases. Slightly odd wrinkles still included.

The main features of the KevinShoes design an interior project for a Belgian footwear store resurfaced as a slick editorial photograph. The Yves Klein blue coloured bricks and elastic ropes dominating the interior design slipped on quite easily to form an experimental footwear piece subtly referencing to the fashion industry and the works of Nicole McLaughlin and Helen Kirkum.

All-time classic Neuhaus normally thrives off a more modern classic branding style but for One Year WeWantMore we went out on a limb and pulled them into the current internet culture dominated by 3D-rendered animations. Although the vibe is still unmistakably Neuhaus the brand’s signature branding elements were distilled from their usual function and pop up as abstract shapes in an experimental digital universe.

The visual identity for Wine Club resulted in the ultimate product design salute: a 3D-printed version of the original logo. Originally designed as an abstract bunch of grapes existing of 3 intersecting wine glasses to emphasise the importance of enjoying wine with others. Now emerging as a solid three-dimensional object speaking to the thirsty among us.

Up for a game of snake? The premium version that is. The understated aesthetic and custom-made chrome display system of retail store Gigue inspired us to develop a high-end version of the classic 90’s game. A solid chrome snake feeding on smaller orbs in a travertine playfield made up for a slamming high score of 86.

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