Creating ambitious brands

The impact of a brand is defined by the way people experience it, both visually and emotionally. It’s shaped by a multitude of touchpoints ranging from a brand’s visual identity and voice to its packaging, digital experience or interior design.

Brand strategy

To create an impactful brand, we need to understand its context. We look at your brand and business inside and out. We ask the big questions, explore the market and get to know your audience. We synthesise, search for insights and simplify the complex to define a brand's personality, what it stands for and what it needs to express.

Concept & narrative

Brand design starts off from a big idea. A simple, powerful and compelling idea that can bring a brand to life. Building on our strategic base, we use it to define a visual territory and create an emotional narrative people can relate to and connect with.

Brand identity design

To design a brand is to get across a feeling or emotion. That’s why the core of our work goes beyond logos, colours and fonts. We define a brand's voice and design a visual language to articulate its emotional narrative. By creating a flexible design system and an outlined tone of voice, we equip brands with the tools to thrive in all physical and digital touchpoints.