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Divide, Colour Bomb and Conquer

Yes, people do still buy their shoes offline. And no, finding that perfect pair within a 750 m2 space doesn’t need to feel like a shoe overdose. Enter Kevin Shoes, a Belgian footwear store with a third large shop opening up near Gent. By ‘large’ we mean huge. 750 m2 to be exact. A size that turned out the be the challenge as well as the solution for the design of the space.

An industrial venue this substantial can easily feel overwhelming and cold. Creating distinct spaces within a space immediately dealt with that issue. We consciously used non-solid materials in a vivid Yves Klein blue to maintain an airy, yet cohesive atmosphere. As in: you can still read the entire room in a flash upon entering.

Different customers. Different shop experience. The sneaker section is an installation made up out of 4400 blue bricks. Rough texture and neon lights included.

The boutique area displaying premium women’s footwear feels a bit more intimate. It’s a cube formed by a semi-transparent wall of elastic ropes.
2600 m of lines are strung between a metal framework.

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