Cookie policy

1. INTRODUCTION (the “Website”) uses its own cookies as well as cookies from third parties. In this cookie statement, we would like to inform you about the use of cookies. We emphasise that certain functionalities of the Website will not be available when you do not accept the cookies involved. Given that cookies may contain personal data, their processing is also governed by our privacy statement.


A “cookie” is a piece of information sent to your device via the server and stored on the device’s hard driver. Cookies help us to recognize your device when you use the Website.

This enables us to make processing user-friendly and to provide you with a personalized service.

Cookies also include so-called “scripts”. A script is a programming code used in order to make the Website function optimally and interactively.

Finally, cookies also include ‘webbeacons’, ‘pixeltags’ or ‘social media cookies’. These cookies are used for the integration of various social media websites in the Website. In addition, the content of the Website can be shared via social media websites by means of the buttons present on the various pages.

The social media websites include – without being exhaustive – Facebook, Google+, Whatsapp, Instagram, Youtube, LinkedIn and Twitter.


3.1 Origin

First party cookies are cookies that are placed directly on the Website by us.

Third party cookies are cookies placed on the Website by third parties. This means that elements originating from other websites are incorporated in the Website.

3.2 Lifetime

Persistent cookies remain on your device for the lifetime of the cookie. They are activated each time you visit the Website.

Session cookies simplify and link the user’s actions during the browser session. Each time you open the browser, these cookies are placed temporarily. Session cookies are deleted as soon as the browser is closed.

3.3 Function/purpose

Functional cookies ensure that all components of the Website function optimally, such as cookies that make it possible to remember and reproduce the choice of language or the content of a form or a shopping basket. These cookies can be installed without your consent.

Non-functional cookies are installed for statistical, social and marketing purposes. Your explicit consent is required to install these cookies.

Analytical cookies display the way you use the Website. Based on this collected information a statistical analysis is made in order to make the structure, navigation and content of the Website user-friendly and to improve it.

Marketing cookies are used to personalize online marketing offers. Based on a profile, drawn up on the basis of you surfing behavior on the Websites, both we and third parties gain insight into campaign performance.

If social media websites install social media cookies through the Website to collect (your) data, we have no influence on the use of and the way in which the social media websites handle this data. More information in this respect can be found in the privacy statements of the social media website, which are each indicated in the list of active cookies in article 5 hereunder. Please note that these privacy statements may be modified at any time by the social media websites involved.


The processing of functional cookies is based on our legitimate interest as functional cookies are required for the proper functioning and security of the Website.

The Processing of other cookies is based on your prior consent to do so.


PHPSESSID (session cookie)

  • Type: first party

  • Function: essential cookie

  • Lifetime: session



  • Type: third party

  • Function: analytical and functional cookies

  • Lifetime: varies between then end of the session to 2 years after the session

  • Privacy:


datr, act, sb, presence, fr, wd, xs, c_user, dpr (

ga, gaid, gat, gac<propertyid> (


It is only permitted to store cookies on your device without your permission if it is impossible to visit the Website without using the cookie or if the cookie is necessary for the service provided by the Website. If these conditions are not met, we will only place the cookies in question after we have obtained your permission.

Consent is given by clicking on the button “All cookies allowed” when you visit the Website for the first time. Furthermore, you have the possibility to set your preferences by clicking the button “Set preferences”, where you can choose to use only certain cookies.

You can withdraw your consent at any time by clicking on the button in the “Manage Cookies” section.


Through your web browser you can also delete cookies automatically or manually and you can specify whether or not certain cookies may be placed. Also, you can set your web browser to notify you when a cookie is placed. More information about these settings can be found in the instructions in the Help-function of your browser.