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Let's juice things up

Zest was – and still is – all about serving you those healthy, fresh juices. It’s like sipping pure liquid happiness out of a cup really. A genuine vitamin shot. It juices things up, but it wasn’t necessarily giving off that same punch in its branding and juice bars interiors. Adding that flavour-to-your-day-effect, rather than focussing on the product in the rebranding process turned out to be key.

Wanting to grasp that zesty vitamin shot into the design of the bar interior, we worked with natural wood, soft fruity colours and a pinch of greenery. The terrazzo even includes bits of fruit inspired patterns.

Zest Juice Bar | Brand Design

The new Zest logo is a tad off, bringing out the fun and dynamic character of the brand while the juice-cup-shaped E clearly refers to the actual product...

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