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Bringing French pastries to the streets of Antwerp

Everyone likes to treat themselves from time to time. Our client has developed lavish éclairs that can be that perfect gift for special occasions – both for yourself or for others. At Chez Claire, you can pair refined and surprising éclairs with a glass of Cuvée Claire Champagne.

Eclairs are normally bought in supermarkets or bakeries, which is exactly what the Chez Claire boutique was not meant to look like. We wanted to express pure culinary luxury and create a moment of escapism from modern life by way of momentary indulgence: The boutique of éclairs with your hostess Claire.

We took the name as a starting point for our conceptual approach. The logo became a personification of Claire by transforming the word ‘éclair’ into ‘Chez Claire’ using nothing but a wisp of her lipstick. The visual identity that embodies the brand became a diverse mix of high-end materials, such as gold and marble with a poppy harlequin motif and strong black and white patterns. The 80 m2 boutique interior perfectly applies the brand identity and is a piece of pure eclecticism.

The black and white pattern on the floor, which is also an interplay of mat and glossy surfaces, wonderfully mirrors in the gold counter and paneling. The pink walls are enriched with LED lines, neon and classy curtains. The mirrors on the ceiling tie it all together and simply beg to be instagrammed. The neon behind the counters makes plain what it's all about: Que d'éclairs, quoi.

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