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A creative environment for presenting veneer to the world

Decospan, Europe’s leading producer of innovative wood veneer, has decided to evolve as a company to promote veneer, instead of remaining a Decospan sales company. To that end, they launched an inspiring magazine entitled The Veneer.

To drive the vision of The Veneer, they sought a new office environment for their consultants. These spaces had to offer a range of possibilities for inspiring others about veneer – from creative offices and smart meeting rooms to flexible work places for external collaborators, such as architects and subscribers, and an event center. The challenge of consolidating a two-floor empty production environment (1200 m2) into a creative environment was met and a platform for presenting veneer to the world was created.

In the Veneer house, we combined the natural aspect of wood veneer with high-tech man-made processes, resulting in a multisensorial experience that showcases the symbiosis of nature and man. Upon entering the top floor, an array of veneer samples mounted on poles rotate to face visitors and, thanks to an ingenious camera system, tracks and follows them as they move through the space. A natural feeling is strengthened by the organic shapes in the floor and its lighting, using green accents of real moss and plentiful veneer in a variety of creative ways.

Expressing this by natural means was crucial as Decospan veneer is made with an enormous respect for the environment and a zero-waste methodology.

We’ve created a work environment for the veneer consultants that allows them to work as needed – solitary and focused next to the event room on the ground floor or collaborating in the open spaces in the showroom on the top floor. There they host subscribers and clients in working meetings or share productive lunches surrounded by the endless veneer possibilities and all its innovative materials.

Meeting facilities are conceived of in all sizes to account for the diversity of today’s professional needs. All working areas score very high in acoustic comfort thanks to their Kanvas ceilings. The event center became a highly flexible, multipurpose environment thanks to its rotating panels. With creative lighting solutions like skylights, we turned this dark, windowless space into a bright and vivid environment.

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