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An upbeat urban residence.

Xior has built up a vast amount of experience in the student housing sector. ROXI Urban Residence was their response to the growing trend of hybrid hotel and lodging concepts. With an in-house gym, a laundry room, a co-working space, a restaurant and bar and movie nights the hotel adds to all core aspects of life. ROXI’s a place where all roads cross: work, travel, studying, culture, friends, …

A lot of functions , hybrid, multifunctional areas and an intense play of colours energise the long stay inhabitants and short stay guests.

The rooms are a bit more toned down to make sure the guests can make it their own but still a masterpiece closet and a funky kitchenette make the room lively without any personal tweaks. 

We've created their new brand in all touchpoints so to speak.  To reinforce the brand identity reflecting the feeling of inclusivity and diversity we came up with a dynamic interior that engages the Roxi community.

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