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Ha Long Bay is just a pork po bun away

Ever been to Vietnam? Whether you’re nodding or shaking your head right now, doesn’t really matter. Can Tho is bringing it to you. Or at least the vibrant food side of it all. Inspired by Vietnam’s buzzing street food culture, the restaurant wanted to create a similar eating experience as you would walking around in Hanoi itself. Fresh, lean and damn tasty, but with just the right amount of Western freshness.

The basic ingredients of a typical Vietnamese street food stand all had to be included: fast ordering, agile dining, eating in or takeaway, … Needs that ended up defining the entire layout of the space. An open kitchen in the front, ordering kiosks and a pick-up area in the middle and a casual food court like space in the back.

Browsing the streets of Hanoi – thanks Google street view – further inspired us to pull the typical street food vibe indoors. Terracotta walls, low but colourful seating and a fumy Ha Long Bay inspired mural add to the overall outdoor feel.

The airy wooden ceiling structure allows natural light and shadows to ease in, while the dark wooden shutters and authentic table tiles refer to Vietnam’s colonial history. The raw brick finishing was left unprocessed on purpose to contrast with the feminine colours, warm custom-made wooden lighting and tropical greenery.

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