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The beauty of a window
is the view it frames

Choosing new windows is a stressful process: the budget is quite large, and the result should last you a lifetime. For Pierret — one of the biggest Belgian window and door manufacturers with a quality-first approach — we created an experience center that adds an emotional touch to a sector cluttered with cold, technical showrooms.

In traditional showrooms, it’s hard to imagine a window frame in your own home because there’s a wall behind them. We believe the beauty of a window is the view it frames. To bring this idea into the Pierret showroom, digital animations behind the windows show an idyllic landscape changing slowly over time and seasons.

Upon entering the Pierret showroom, visitors are welcomed at the reception. Surrounded by different sceneries, they get an overview of the Pierret range. The curved walls create a natural flow which guides guests through the entire space. The various seating nooks and simulation area further reinforce the customers’ movement through the room.

The well-rounded experience center aims to make people feel at ease while exploring their options. The soft colors and shapes create a comfortable atmosphere that invites visitors to imagine the displayed windows and doors in their own homes.

Photography: Hannelore Veelaert

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