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Designed for interactions

When Campari Group Belgium approached us to design their new headquarters, we were tasked with creating a sense of sophistication. The goal for this client was to design an inviting space that stimulates interactions between coworkers, connections and clients. The new HQ in the heart of Brussels is located next to the Palais de Justice and became a multifunctional, hospitality-focused workplace with a spectacular view from the window to admire together.

Toasting life together

Campari’s tagline – toasting life together – needed to come to life through the interior design. That’s why the bar became the principal element of the space and is visually connected with the main meeting room. A place to gather, chat and toast together with an Italian coffee during the day and an aperitivo in the evening. 

Italian atmosphere

Mesmerizing marble. Textured fabrics. Fiery red. The elegant mix of materials creates a moody Italian atmosphere and the wide variety of seating option provides a dynamic feel.

Together with WeWantMore, we were able to create an inviting, multi-purpose workspace that immerses coworkers, connections and clients in the Campari universe.

- Tihana Rapic, Marketing Director Campari Belgium

Photo credits: Tijs Vervecken

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