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There is a New Yorker in every city

The Vandermeulen brothers had an ambitious goal: to bring The Big Apple to Belgium. A genuine fast-casual dining burger spot where quality and speed were paramount. After eight years of designing seven Manhattn’s locations across Belgium, the new Manhattn’s Rue Montorgueil (Paris) is the first international step in our collaboration. The city that never sleeps remains the main design inspiration, but the design concept continuously evolved over the years.

Just like in Manhattn's Bourse/Beurs (Brussels), Groenplaats (Antwerp), Graslei (Ghent), Merode (Brussels), Avenue Louise (Brussels), Boondael (Brussels) and Tiense St. Leuven (Leuven), we brought subway stations, industrial metal work and hints of Belgian art deco together in a new and exciting way for the Rue Montorgueil (Paris) location.

The collaboration with WeWantMore dates back to 2014 when we opened the first Manhattn's in Brussels. At that time, we were pioneers with our concept. WeWantMore helped shape our vision and brand from its inception onward. 

Jerome Vandermeulen, Founder & CEO Manhattn's

Tiense St. Leuven

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