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A state-of-the-art private clinic in Antwerp

Dr. Natalie Loomans, specialised in medical and aesthetic oral and maxillofacial surgery wanted to step up the game and open up her own cutting edge private clinic.

From Hospital to Hospitality

The main objective was to create a warm, high-end, and homely environment, avoiding the usual clinical atmosphere. Dr. Loomans aimed to provide a welcoming space for patients to feel at ease and relaxed while awaiting their treatments.

The design incorporates a blend of natural elements, such as red travertine and dark veneer, along with rich finishes like terrazzo flooring and stucco walls, showcasing exquisite craftsmanship. To add a touch of sophistication, golden details are introduced for a striking contrast.

Alienating Art

Throughout the different areas a smart selection of art triggers the patients. From sculptures to beautiful photography and colourful paintings. All showing imperfections in an abstract yet visually intriguing way with a clear message. Art is beautiful, and so are we...

Despite being equipped with all the essential medical tools, the consultation and treatment rooms offer a delightful surprise as they seamlessly connect to a charming garden. The furniture, such as microtopping tables, and the finishes, like dark walnut veneer and stucco, exude a home-inspired ambiance, providing a sense of relaxation and luxury.

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