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In the heart of Bruges

After the success of the first Bath & Barley in Brussels, it was time to open up another one in the Medieval city that is Bruges. The interior concept of this soothing wellness experience – infused with beer, bathing and Belgium’s beer heritage –  got an upgrade. We incorporated the authentic and protected ceilings and domes into the interior design, resulting in a bright space that feels lighter compared to the beer spa in Brussels.

Entering the experience

Entering Bath & Barley Bruges, you’re welcomed by a room wrapped in copper domes inspired by ancient brewing kettles. The ceiling – covered with dried hop and barley as if the wind swirls through the field – adds a sensorial element to the spa experience. Your senses are greeted by the enchanting aroma that fills the air – bringing the essence of nature and beer into the space.

Welcome in Belgium's ancient beer brewing history

A few steps down the stairs – a little below street level – you find a full-fledged classical bar with a solid wooden counter and bluestone base. You can tap your own beer and enjoy it at the counter or in the lounge area. 

From here on out, a door covered in church-like illustrations depicting beer brewing monks and priests brings you to the spa experience’s center. The corridor to the four spas is marked by an impressive make-up unit where everything begins. Dangling hop and barley branches soften up the warm lighting.

Following the arches of the domes, each spa is divided into separate areas. Every room has its own shower and restroom characterized by copper details, two to four wooden baths and a spot to relax on real straw bedding. Within the bathing areas, an ancient technique of building loam walls by hand is recreated to ensure a serene, relaxing and calm environment. The rounded shapes that accompany this craft exude a sense of security and organic harmony.

The spas are set apart by in-house created stained-glass drawings of ‘The Cooper’, ‘The Hop Devil’, ‘The Monk’ and ‘The Crescent’. All these elements enhance Belgium’s medieval beer brewing culture.

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