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Homegrown food all grown up

Eeetwell serves healthy, locally sourced food with a large portion of awareness on the side. With one-euro-burgers and fully stacked supermarkets, it’s easy to forget where your food comes from. Let alone the impact it has.

Eeetwell is set on changing that, but their restaurants didn’t reflect that fresh and conscious attitude towards food. On the contrary, they blended it in with all of the other generic healthy food diners. You know the ones. White metro tiles, reclaimed wood … Pinterest is full of them.

We dropped the faux-artisanal aesthetic and levelled up towards a solid, ownable interior design that articulates Eeetwell’s upfront and authentic relation to fresh food, the suppliers who grow it and the people who eat it.

The counter is made up out of sand coloured bricks in a weaving pattern, hinting at the typical wicker baskets used to collect freshly plucked vegetables. It emphasises Eeetwell's focus on homegrown ingredients.

Sandy shades, dark greens and an organic wall finishing add a rural, yet revitalising vibe to the place.

Eeetwell’s logo is a highly recognizable brand element. Powerful, yet playful and fresh. So we reinterpreted its signature swirl to run through the space as striking lighting element.

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