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Eat. Drink. Socialize.

Close to Brussels airport and some miles from the Brussels city centre, Crowne Plaza Brussels Airport is already a reference for years.

CRAFT had to become a unique and ownable experience attracting locals, business people and international travellers.

The challenge expressed to WeWantMore was clear yet challenging since, in the Belgian culture, hotels are not often seen as places to wine and dine.

After a work session with the chef explaining his vision on CRAFT, we defined what the brand is all about.

The brand stands for a never-ending determination, crafting skills and meticulous attention to hospitality.

It’s with those values in mind that the visual identity and interior was designed.

Inspired by the Brussels Art Nouveau heritage and the international atmosphere Crowne Plaza envisioned, an eclectic, crafted design language was born. 

The central bar area is defined by the large bespoke concrete bar with a manually shaped wooden countertop. The blocks of concrete were poured into a unique mould and were installed piece by piece on site.

The one of a kind copper chandelier above the bar is a genuine eye-catcher while still serving the needs of the bar tender functionally. 

Large, copper arch-shapes divide the open surface of the restaurant into distinctive areas with specific atmospheres. The dividers with fine shelves and a wicker inside are the perfect canvas for a curated selection of crafty decorative elements bringing the guests to all parts of the world.  

The flooring is one of the masterpieces of the design. A meticulous precision was key to bring this pattern to life. The drawing, the cutting and the placement on site are all perfect proofs of genuine craftsmanship.

Intimate dining

The private dining is an intimate miniversion of the restaurant to be rented out for family dinners or business meetings.


The brand identity equally inspired by the art nouveau heritage of Brussels reinforces the look & feel of the interior. As a central feature, the rounded arch shapes feel naturally connected to the space, making the whole picture work perfectly.

Inspired by the knife’s edge, we found sharp lines that cut into soft, flowing shapes, which drove the design of the bespoke wordmark.

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