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A genuine wok alley in brussels

Our Client asked us to come up with a strong name and branding for a restaurant chain where Wok is the main dish. The cities are filled with wok restaurants so it was key to be innovative.

For Gatsu Gatsu we took our inspiration from the crazy, sometimes overwhelming experiences westerners are faced with when getting purposely lost in Asian countries. The overload of smells and sounds, styles, signage that are often as contradictory and strange as they are amazing.

Architizer A+ Awards Concept Plus - Architecture + Branding

Jury Winner

We were blessed with a very narrow, deep and high location, which was the perfect canvas for creating an inside out Asian alley getaway within the center of Brussels (150M2). A kind of doorway into another culture. This coincidence also carved out the way for our identity which took reference from the weird and crazy visuals in Asia, as well as the contradictions and overload of information, even some tongue in cheek humor when it comes to sound in language.

We did however curate our wild inspiration by applying it all to a strict canvas of noodles, samurai red and traditional Asiatic blue. This has allowed us to be playful in a sensible way on practically any form of branded collateral that came our way in designing the identity but also how our interior and identity became one of the same. The visual collision of signage and food advertising in these Asian alleys was our inspiration and guidance and comfortably resonates within the full branding approach.

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