Published on 16.12.2022

6 years of Neuhaus Christmas concepts


The gift of caring

Six years ago, we defined Neuhaus’ visual language as ‘Modern Classic’. A premium forward-looking style combined with a profound respect for their craftsmanship and heritage. It established Neuhaus as a timeless, high-end brand in a modern context and made us Neuhaus’ main design partner over the years. 

Concept and collection design

Holidays remain key moments for Neuhaus. For those collections, we always create concepts that transcend the product. Whether the season is about romantic love or more general togetherness, each sentiment is reinterpreted through the gift of caring.

Because traditional Advent calendars are usually a solo experience — with only one product for each day of the Christmas countdown — we introduced the sharing calendar. A pop-up decorative piece made to be shared, that makes the Christmas spirit come to live through illustrations. Every year Neuhaus' illustration style is reimagined and entirely drawn in-house.

Neuhaus’ bright photography style breaks with all traditional chocolate category codes. The images present the chocolates as mouth-watering centerpieces in warm environments, where the human touch should always be felt.

Key visual and window design

Shopping at Neuhaus is always supported by key visuals that reflect the Christmas spirit from the collection. The pièce de résistance: the moving window we design for the iconic Galerie de La Reine store in Brussels.

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