Published on 21.11.2022

Pro bono branding for Bikeaid


Cyclists with a cause

Since 2009, Ronny and his team of Belgian cycling enthusiasts have been organizing sponsor tours across Europe to raise money to kick cancer - a warm initiative called Bikeaid. We provided a pro bono branding and race outfit to support these cyclists with a cause. 

Our main design inspiration for this branding was the visual language of protest art. Signs, poster, and banners acts as a tool for people to express their beliefs.

Bikeaid’s visual identity symbolizes biking against cancer – bold, unapologetic colors and messages to empower the Bikeaid team to cancel cancer. One pedal stroke at a time.

Biking against cancer

In designing Bikeaid’s race outfit, we again built on the biking against cancer energy. The result? A vibrant, eye-catching outfit that distinguishes and visually unites the Bikeaid race team. The QR code on each sleeve should encourage people passing by to donate and support Bikeaid. 

Bikeaid cycles against cancer. In fact, they're determined to cancel cancer. Because together they can make a difference, one pedal stroke at a time.

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