It’s about people

Meet Group S. One of the oldest and biggest Belgian HR and payrolling companies supporting over 20 000 employers. Their biggest asset? A people-first approach. Personal contact, accessibility, and real relationships: that’s what truly defines Group S.

Make human resources truly human

The HR landscape is moving forward, and technology is replacing processes for the better. Group S seeks to integrate technology in the smartest, most effortless way — without losing their signature human touch, of course.  

Group S is the middleman between employers and employees. These interactions between three different parties form the basis for their day-to-day interactions and as such, this trinity became the main concept behind the logo and entire design system.

There’s something intensely satisfying about taking a brand with an outdated identity and catapulting it into the present day.

— Sébastien Greffe, Creative Director at WeWantMore

Shaping the identity

Our design system, much like our brand, feels dynamic, progressive and above all: human. The entire identity and its distinctive shapes were built starting from the shape found in the logo.

Chatbots won’t get your jokes

Technology is not the enemy, but there’s no replacing the warmth of human interactions. Our brand voice highlights the fact that personal contact, accessibility and real relationships are in their DNA. Much like the brand’s personality, the typography feels approachable and conversational. Almost like a text message from a friend.

The people behind Group S

To truly become a human brand, we decided to look for ways to show the people behind Group S. We developed an internal questionnaire that asks Group S employees about the way in which they prefer their coffee in the morning and what they wanted to be when they grew up. Small, relatable things that tell you a lot about a person. We then decided to put the answers on business cards — a conversation starter and unique way to get to know the people behind Group S.

Motion design

The identity and relatable illustrations by Bernardo Henning really came to life through motion design. The way the brand moves expresses effortlessness, peace of mind and a natural flow of things. WeWantMore also translated the brand identity to their social media channels and website.

Illustrations: Bernardo Henning

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