Immerse yourself

For AUM, entrepreneurs Lucka Wahba and Maxime Gillet didn’t just ask us to design a restaurant and brand identity. They wanted to create a whole new dimension with its very own rituals, people and practices. We created a branding and interior for this oriental-infused dining experience that invites guests to fully immerse themselves in the moment. Cymatics, the study of sound made visible, serves as the backdrop of the identity to create repetitive patterns and meditative, mandala-like visuals. As the frequency of the evening goes up, the patterns become darker, more complex and intense.

Immersive symbolism, verticalism and ornamentation together shape the identity. AUM has its own sacred and secret language, and both the interior design and branding are filled with visual expressions that convey the idea of aiming for something higher. The colour of oxidized bronze and the cinematic typography add a certain richness to the identity.

As the sun sets

The branding has an increasing energy level towards the night, when AUM shifts from a soothing dining experience to a vibrant ‘bonfire’ club where you can dance the night away. 

For many months now, we have worked really hard together with WeWantMore to create something special. AUM has an identity to its brand, an image to its concept, and a soul to its unique world.

— Lucka Wahba & Maxime Gillet, Founders of AUM

AUM is a sacred sound. A meditative mantra. Cymatics - the study of sound made visible - is the main inspiration behind AUM. Repetitive patterns of meditative, mandala-like visuals based on the science of cymatics, form the backdrop of our visual identity. As the frequency of the evening goes up, the patterns become darker, more complex and intense.

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Photography: Tijs Vervecken

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