The only way is up

Fast-growing fintech company easyvest takes the complexity and uncertainty out of pension planning with an accessible digital platform that helps Belgians secure and grow wealth - to, through and beyond their pension.

Think of it as going up a staircase. It really is that simple. Everyone knows how to do it, but we all do it at our own pace. 

Stairs are a good symbol for what easyvest does, which is to grow slowly but steadily. A staircase chooses one clear direction and then continues to follow it consistently. Easyvest is about just that, providing a financial future, one step at a time.

The icon we created for easyvest plays with negative space to form three stairsteps. The opacity of the steps increases as they go up, which enhances the feeling of growth.

Unlike most fintech apps, with their blue and purple color schemes, we’ve defined a bright green as our brand color. This bright, almost neon green, has a very digital vibe to it. At the same time green is a color that boosts confidence and trust. The combination with a very dark blue, makes the brand young exciting.

“Before going into creative mode, WeWantMore talked extensively with our team to extract the true essence and personality of the easyvest brand. Developing that intimate understanding first helped their creatives to be on point when presenting various concepts until we found the logo, colours, font, and visual universe that felt right to us."

Matthieu Remy, Founder and CEO

Simplicity, clear lines and great contrasts

To create a truly distinctive brand identity for easyvest, we wanted to add an analog feel to their digital product. The visual style we created is all about simplicity, clear lines and great contrasts. It gives the identity an illustrative feel that sets it apart from the competition. 

Using hard, dark shadows, we created a step-like depth, tying it in with the stairs concept. This layered approach allows us to create a visual hierarchy in the composition, making elements move forward and backward and reordering them.

From the smallest button...

Our team translated this core visual language into a versatile, scalable, unique design system that is easy to use and applicable accross the entire identity. Every asset of the visual language was designed to bring consistency and make the brand instantly recognizable, in combination with our striking green contrast color. We've created graphs, icons and a complete set of UI elements.

... to full scale illustrations

To humanize our brand, together with illustrator Irina Bogdan, we've created a surprising world inhabited by peaceful people working on their financial future. Across multiple witty illustrations we can experience their joyful interaction with a large hand that is their knowledgeable safeguard along this exciting path, and an alias for easyvest.

Part of a smarter movement

When brought together it becomes clear that these separate elements all contribute to the connected, communicative and intuitive world of easyvest.

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