Shaped by the culture we consume

Some say symphonic music is stuffy. We disagree. We see it as a powerful interplay of musical instruments with the ability to astonish an audience.

Together with the Brussels Philharmonic, we're challenging you to rethink classical music. After all, classical music is all around us. It’s part of our neighborhood. It’s part of the culture we consume. And its themes are universal. Glory. Lust. Vanity. Betrayal. Yet the visual language of symphonic orchestras is still riddled with clichés. 

A brutally honest brand identity

For Brussels Philharmonic, we created a brutalist wordmark drawn from the curving shape of the symphony's auditorium. The color scheme and typography are roughly based on the colored papers found in local print shops, often used in posters for lost cats, fundraisers, and garage bands.

The brand identity works as a blank canvas for documentary-style photography. Imagery for the Brussels Philharmonic reflects the world in which we live. Sometimes raw and brutal; at other times, soft and poetic. We bring free association to the stage by selecting random-seeming images, each containing a subtle reference to the Philharmonic. The use of imagery creates tension and a surprising take on each subject.

The spray paint treatment adds a rawness to the identity, and also makes the typography feel like it’s in constant motion. Individual elements in the spray paint merge into one, again referencing the collective nature of an orchestra. A brand identity that places Brussels Philharmonic once again firmly at the center of the public space.

Layout and implementation by Liesbet Lutin

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