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A blind mole's fantasyland for a children's optician

Toop Kids Eyewear

Interior Graphic

Nathalie Bladt wanted to launch a kids optician in Leuven.We created the story of TOOP ,a blind mole’s fantasyland with designer toysfor a children’s optician. TOOP, taupe, french for blind mole, get it?

Our client told us she was a big fan of our brain child Butt Bunny, a cutedesigner toy.
‘Design a mascot’ was promptly added to the design brief ofinterior and visual identity.

Toop specialises in children's glasses for kids up to 16 years old. Hence, the store's interior was concepted to suit a very young audience, and the story of Toop was born. Toop, the mascot, now lives in the store with its entire family. Giant mom Toop lives on the first floor, but she's so heavy the ceiling is bulging. Her little Toop kids live in the store and they're here to help kids choose their new prescription glasses.
Little Toop is a cute designer toy in all shades of yellow doubling as a display for glasses. Toop is also for sale in the store, to be used as a nightstand guardian for kids' glasses.
The story of Toop is to be seen throughout the entire visual identity: in the interior, the displays, the logo and in all packaging and visuals with eye catching illustrations.

Toop Kids Eyewear

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