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Designing a high-end swimwear brand

Jungle Society

Interior Graphic


When Amanda Cortez de Murga asked us to work on her new swimwear label Jungle Society we were immediately on board. A Belgian brand with Brazilian roots, producing high quality swimwear to look good on women all around the world, in all shapes and sizes. Designed by Amanda in Belgium and all products locally produced in Brazil in specialized sewing ateliers.

Celebrating femininity in all its forms, we built a brand on a strong foundation of female empowerment: enjoying life to the fullest and embracing every aspect of yourself.
A brand for real authentic women who appreciate quality and luxury but who aren’t stiff or reserved. Confident in an authentic and humorous way.
Celebrating diversity is visually translated into a bold and colorful brand. A base of royal blue and gold is combined with 4 bright poppy colors referring to Brazilian sunshine and tropical nature. All packaging and print materials are produced with high quality materials and finishings for a luxurious feel.

Jungle Society

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