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Adopting nature's pace

Château de Vignée | Brand Design

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    Brand Concept
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    Identity design
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Brand Spatial Experiential

Château de Vignée was a classic hunter’s hotel in the Belgian Ardennes with a clear goal in mind. To become a luxury retreat for its guests to escape a fast-paced society. Unwinding there means surrendering to nature, because the strong-willed landscape of the Ardennes is truly undeniable. So, we positioned Chateau de Vignée as an entity in sync with its natural surroundings.

Every season trees grow, rivers swell and dry out, animals arrive and migrate, ... and with them textures, graphical patterns and colours evolve. Inspired by the overwhelming force and beauty of Château de Vignée's ever-evolving setting, we created an evolutive visual identity sourced by the graphical beauty of the Ardennes. It changes with the seasons.
The graphic elements are reduced to a bare minimum allowing for nature to reign in the close-up, detailed photography of seasonal elements like moss and fungi. Luxurious, yet uncoated paper adds a dimension of tactility to the stationery.
While some hotels offer a sense of escapism by keeping out the outside world, we consciously pulled it indoors to enhance the connection with nature. The visual identity and the interior design combined, reduce the boundaries between out- and indoors to a minimum adding to the unwinding experience of Chateau de Vignée.
The visual identity for Arden, Chateau de Vignée’s Michelin awarded restaurant, draws from the same concept. The photography revolves around the ingredients used in the terroir driven cuisine.