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Touareg Bar & Lounge

Distortion of the senses

When sultans smoking opium, mirages and sand dunes form the inspiration of an interior design project, it’s safe to say you’re in for a ride. A while back two Brusselian brothers approached us to make their hookah bar an exciting new place to drink, relax and smoke shisha. We designed an elegant space that feels like a desert hallucination, M.C. Escher lithograph and dreamy trip to Morocco all at once.

We wanted to play with the senses of the visitor by designing an upside down riad. A wavy metal ceiling creates the illusion of a floating pool and the reversed arches further magnify the distorted atmosphere.

Coline Jarry, Product & Interior Designer at WeWantMore

Dive into the ceiling

When you enter the space, the stucco arches immediately create a connection with the distorted design concept. They set the mood and introduce the revisit of Moroccan architectural elements you’re about to see. The arches made from chains add a visual surprise and make for a sensual reference to Arabian belly dancers. Traditional Moroccan lights with a smoke pattern add a warm hue to the space, and an Escher-like round mirror and inverted riad on the ceiling further magnify the distortion of the senses.

For the design of the cocktail bar, we got inspired by Morgan le Fay – the legendary sister of King Arthur. A powerful enchantress and potion maker, so the ideal design inspiration for the cocktail bar. At Le Fay the concept of mirages is woven into the space through illusions of the sun and organic shapes made from Moroccan brass climbing up the wall.

Photo credits: Verne photography & Maxime Prokaz

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