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Telenet Flagship Store

Shaping the Telenet universe

Telenet is one of Belgium’s biggest providers of internet, telephone, tv and streaming services. With a clear ambition to provide their customer with the best digital experience possible, Telenet focusses on first class connectivity, entertainment and devices. A trifold offer that needed to come across in their flagship stores as well.

Following Telenet’s client-centered ambition and product offer, we created a store concept driven by experience, warmth and exploration. The flagship stores in Ghent and Antwerp go beyond the classic definition of a shopping space.

The experiential environment encourages visitors to actively explore rather than to wait or cue. It immerses them in the warm, friendly and fun world of Telenet.

Technology is used in an understated way in both the store and the shop windows. The devices and appliances are showcased in a familiar and homelike setting. It's scaled to fit and help consumers instead of overpowering them.

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