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La vie en rose

Mooy believes in the natural beauty of every woman.
With a carefully selected offer of healthy dishes and premium skincare products Mooy caters both to the inner as the outer beauty of its clients. Being responsible for the brand design as well as the interior design we were able to create a strong visual link between both, resulting in several shades of pink and 2 very impactful circles that define the bistro and skincare shop.

For the design of Mooy's brand identity we used the 'tache de beauté' being one of the 7 attributes of female beauty as a main visual element. When, shortly after, we designed the bistro and skincare shop both under one roof, again the 2 circles defined both areas creating, quite literally, 2 beauty spots: one for the inner and one for the outer body.

One special feature in the design is the circular wall niche filled to the brim with handmade paper flowers, all custom-made for this bistro.

Staying within the pink colour pallet we created a tailor-made terrazzo for the tables, kitchen and toilets and a tailor-made liquid floor.

The light fixtures which evoke a natural and organic feeling are also tailor-made for the project.

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