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Highlighting a drag queen legacy

Le Grand Café is a Brussels based café with a storied history. Situated in a 19th century building designed by Emile Janlet, the café boasted a striking, eclectic exterior. This sense of extravagance continued thanks to the infamous drag queen shows held within. 

The café’s rich heritage encouraged us to explore the art of drag; its craft, devotion, self-expression and theatricality. This inspired us to highlight Le Grand Café’s legacy through interior design.

Although drag is about more than make-up, it is an element that illustrates the true artistry of a queen. That’s why we created three extravagant drag queen portraits for the café’s walls. 

Each aspect of the portrait’s ‘make-up’ was represented by various marbles, brushed brass, plexiglass, velour, leather and punctured metal.

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