Published on 04.09.2023

Our design vision for Albania's Green Coast Resort


We are excited to share the initial renders of our upcoming project, the Green Coast boutique resort hotel in Palasë, Albania. This future addition to the MGallery collection is a collaboration between hospitality giant Accor and Western Balkans investment group BALFIN. 51N4E & CENTRAL conceptualized the architectural design.

Set to be located on the Albanian Riviera, the planned resort will be surrounded by the Ionian Sea, mountain villas, and Llogara National Park. Our design concept draws upon raw materials, traditional motifs, and Albanian symbolism to create an ambience that merges art, history, culture, and local experiences with a sophisticated sense of relaxation.

“It is a pleasure for us to have the chance to showcase the first-ever MGallery, a magnificent addition to the world's resort scene, on the Green Coast in Albania. This excellent hotel provides a unique experience, where elegance and charm are paired with the breathtaking beauty of Green Coast. Our guests may enjoy top-notch amenities, flawless service, and a really amazing stay, making it the ideal location for guests looking for a memorable seaside break along the Mediterranean.”

—  Mrs. Ardiana Sokoli-Vice President for Real Estate & Hospitality, Balfin Group

“We conceived the hotel as a collection of houses, not dormitory rooms. Houses are connected by open-air streets and squares, not corridors and halls. Streets and squares are defined by different buildings, functions and scales, not a generic repetition of units. The coming together of these buildings, streets and houses creates a village to be inhabited by people all year long.” 

—  Johan Anrys – Architect partner, 51N4E & CENTRAL

“Different textures and tones found in rock surfaces became our main design inspiration. We also infused the interior with Albanian symbolism and crafts to truly merge the resort with its surroundings.“

— Ruud Belmans, Creative Director at WeWantMore

Once completed, the resort will offer 118 rooms, multiple dining options, a five-story spa, various suites, a private pool with a bar,‌ and its own beach.

We are committed to creating a space that not only reflects the rich heritage of the region but also offers a luxurious retreat for visitors. Stay tuned for more updates as we progress in this exciting venture.

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