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A place to relieve, refresh and reload.

One Hundred Restrooms

  • Sector
    Public Services
  • Disciplines
    Brand Concept
    Identity design
    Interior design
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Brand Spatial Experiential

The concept of One hundred restrooms is grounded in the paradigm shift in the area of health and well-being. With this new concept we want to change the definition of a toilet break. We believe the restroom of the future is a place, a sanctuary, build around the principles of health and well-being. A place to relieve, refresh and reload.

The One Hundred Restrooms experience goes beyond clean toilets in high traffic areas, as it combines cutting-edge technology, design and service to create moments for better well-being.
The transition zone with the steam experience functions as a crossing-over to a space where visitors can leave their busy lives behind and enter a space for relaxation.
The interior design evokes a zen feeling thanks to the curved shapes, wood textures, vertical garden and indirect lighting.