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A store to experience and be inspired by home connectivity

Niko Experience Store

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Brand Spatial Experiential

Niko believes that everybody is entitled to an electrical installation that offers comfort, control and efficiency. Since their field of play was difficult to visualise and even harder to get across, Niko decided to open up an experience store. An inspirational place for people to experience home connectivity first hand. We shaped the space into an inviting and engaging place combining Niko’s features and functionalities with a home-like atmosphere.

The biggest challenge was the space as such. The former fashion store needed to become an engaging and communicative space rather than a display area. It had to ooze a sense of home in terms of atmosphere, all while telling and showcasing Niko’s story of home connectivity in different settings. The final concept was a natural blend of retail and residential environments, illustrating the product in an inspirational, yet recognisable way.

The staircase was highlighted to encourage people to visit the mezzanine. Guided by a consultant they arrived in a more intimate environment where they could dive deeper into the product range.
The design was enriched with well-chosen materials like wood veneer, concrete, ceppo di gré and steel, creating an inviting and warm atmosphere. VR glasses, home control test elements, avatars and tablet-based explanations added a digital dimension to the entire experience.
The four fins in the window are operated by the home control system on the screen next to it, triggering people to stop and experiment with it. The other window broadcasted the VR experience that people were living instore, stimulating passers-by to enter and have a try.