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Revitalizing a Belgian icon

Neuhaus Rebranding

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    Consumer Goods
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    Art direction
    Brand Concept
    Brand strategy
    Graphic design
    Identity design
    Identity design & systems
    Interior design
    Motion design
    Window installations
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Brand Spatial Experiential

Neuhaus is a global premium chocolate brand. A Belgian icon with a superb product, a rich heritage, a presence in over 50 countries and a web shop shipping worldwide. They had just about everything to outshine the fierce competition in the field of gifting. And yet, they didn’t. Neuhaus had lost its spark along the way. Operating from a retail mindset, it had lost track of what the brand – and its founder for that matter – was all about. We worked with them to recapture that essence and revitalized the Belgian chocolate icon from within.

Neuhaus needed to engage with the customer on a more emotional level. So, it shifted its focus from ‘what you give’ (a product) to ‘why you give it’ (an emotion). You give to show you care. A universal insight that was rooted in the brand’s origin all along. Back in 1857, Neuhaus’ founder Jean Neuhaus – a pharmacist by origin - covered bitter tasting medicines with sweet chocolate because he cared about his customers. It’s what Neuhaus articulated as ‘the gift of caring’. Continuing on that strategic shift, we rebuilt the brand from the ground up with one goal in mind: making Neuhaus the ideal gift to let someone feel you care.
Neuhaus’ new foundation is a visual language we defined as ‘Modern Classic’. A premium forward-looking style combined with a profound respect for their craftsmanship and heritage. It establishes Neuhaus as a timeless, high-end brand in a modern context.
The copper ribbon is our “fil rouge”. It defines Neuhaus’ primary colour, but also turns every box into a gift. A bow marks the beginning of an unboxing ritual. You immediately feel the thrill of discovering what’s inside. In execution we paid supreme attention to details, using quality materials only. Every element of the packaging is thought-through and produced with the utmost care, making you feel cared for when you receive it as a gift.
Forget about dramatic shots against a dark background. The photography style breaks away from the traditional chocolate category codes. The bright, fresh images present the pralines as mouth-watering centrepieces.
Valentine, Easter and the Holidays are key moments for Neuhaus. For those collections, we create stories that transcend the product. Each season’s main sentiment - whether it’s romantic love or togetherness - is reinterpreted through the lens of ‘the gift of caring’. Every packaging design tells a story that goes beyond the product.
The brand identity system leaves room for the individual products to have their own distinct look and character. It allows Neuhaus to change with the gifting seasons and trends without losing its identity.
To get back Neuhaus’ long lost spark, we didn’t just polish up the outside. We reconnected them to their roots and brought forth what was their true intention all along. Caring for people. Yet we did it in a way that remains true to the brand’s history, but still speaks to the heart of the modern-day consumer. In a world overflowing with visual stimuli and a consumer that is increasingly visually literate, we created a brand that implicitly whispers instead of explicitly shouting at you. Cutting through the noise by being refreshingly understated. A form of restrained elegance that gives room to honest emotions.