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Branding a doughnut bakery

Hoeked Doughnuts

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Brand Spatial Experiential

Hoeked Doughnuts is one of those projects that proves that excellent collaboration between a client and a design studio can create real magic. When we met artisanal baker Joris and he told us about his idea of ‘doing something with doughnuts’, we were immediately interested. But the moment we got to taste his handmade, at that time still round, guilty pleasures, the deal was truly done. He gave us a carte blanche and we definitely made use of it.

First, to make the product visibly his own, we convinced him to make square doughnuts instead of round ones. To further emphasize this feature, we named the brand Hoeked Doughnuts; a play on words in Dutch referring to their unusual corners (hoeken) and the fact you’ll get ‘hooked’ on them right away. This decision provided a visual identity that plays with angular lines, candy-like colors and lively copy that patrons are sure never to forget.
The product photography emphasizes the shape and variety of toppings, making it unmistakably his own brand asset. To complete the story, we were tasked with designing the perfect Hoeked Doughnut shop.
Outside the shop, a bike with square wheels attracts passers-by and invites them to look inside the colorful counter. A neon logo sign was carefully placed in the corner of the bright shop with lots of smart quotes.
The result combines a perfect blend of product, visual identity and interior design to create a strong brand that captures the hearts of consumers in Antwerp and beyond. Hoeked Doughnuts is doing very well on social media and has already been invited to events and festivals like Tomorrowland.