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Branding the world's most sustainable jeans

Interior Graphic

When this client came to us, he already had a strong story: The fashion industry is the second most polluting industry in the world and he wanted to do something to change that. His plan was to be radically different and produce the world’s most sustainable jeans, made from 50% recycled denim. Production would be done in Europe and the jeans would be recyclable.

That approach captured our interest and compelled us to investigate the whole production process to find out how we could create a brand that was indeed radically different. The way to stand out in the fashion industry was to be transparent.

We came up with the name HNST and recognized that that transparency was a key asset for the brand. For that reason, we chose "You can handle the truth" as the brand baseline and used the URL
Looking at images of the dyeing process for the jeans, we were inspired to create the visual identity for HNST and used a horizontal line connecting all elements. The logo is derived from the recycling icon. When rotated 180 degrees, its shape remains identical.

The visual identity is bold and works very well with the strong short copy developed for the brand.
Ellen Robinson designed the first collection of HNST and we helped her with the integration of the branding for the different pieces. The concept for shooting the first HNST collection was to have a solid blend of the raw materials to create the jeans with the final result in one take

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