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The boldest of beers


  • Client
    Felix Hoppenbrouwers
  • Sector
  • Disciplines
    Graphic design
    Identity design
    Identity design & systems

Brand Spatial Experiential

Felix Hoppenbrouwers is an experimental microbrewery born out of two Antwerp icons bonding over their soft spot for craft beers. Felix Food Klub, a restaurant and event space, on one hand. The Hoppenbrouwers brothers, descending from an ancient family line of brewers, on the other. Their first offspring? Bolder, a strong blond craft beer in need of an even stronger visual identity to take the saturated beer market by storm.

Bolder gets its name from the Dutch word for a bollard. For the non-sailors among you: those sturdy mushroom-shaped poles ships use to dock. Combined with its firmly balanced taste, the beer gives off a down to earth vibe. What you see is what you get. Wanting to express that no-nonsense attitude, we opted for a design-centric approach. Yet without resorting to standard beer cues or a crafty look and feel. The visual identity centers entirely around a bold, yet curvy wordmark.

The typography of the wordmark is bold and voluminous, drawing your full attention to it. The black and white colour scheme only adds to it. The underlying grid system is pretty straightforward as well. It’s based on simple and to the point shapes.
The product photography is inspired by 80’s whiskey ads. The slick imagery has a certain elegance and mystique to it, putting the full emphasis on the logotype yet again.
On the glass, the bottles and the coasters, we limited the storytelling to the essential and left it to the logo to do the talking. Only in the labeling another graphic asset comes into play. The batch number is handwritten by the brewers to add a more personal feel.
The craft beer’s down to earth nature pushed us into creating more with less. It shows a limited amount of graphic assets doesn’t need to equal a limited visual identity. On the contrary, Bolder is now sailing its own bold, unique course in the craft beer market.