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  • Design Director Branding

    Due to the continued expansion of our design team, we are now looking for a Design Director Branding with skills, vision, and at least ten years of relevant experience, preferably in a renowned agency. Do you have more than that? Fantastic. You also know how to lead a team and gain energy from coaching different people.

    Brand development is something that really invigorates you, not only in visual terms, but also and particularly with regard to what you are telling. You enjoy looking for and helping to determine the directions in which a brand can go. As a strong conceptual thinker, this is your cup of tea. Furthermore, you are an expert in presenting all those ideas and proposals to clients, something you often did in your previous jobs.

    Our ideal woman or man has experience with both design studios and advertising agencies. Don’t be afraid if this isn’t the case, but a robust interest in both areas is certainly a must. You consider digital media to be your playground and can say something sensible about digital storytelling. If you also have a decent knowledge of packaging, then we’ll put your application on the top of the pile.

    Three words that describe you: forward-thinking, energetic, and communicative. Three words that describe us: submit your application. Just add your CV and portfolio and mail everything to

  • Senior Interior Architect

    As senior interior architect you bring an innovative view on interior projects in the field of retail, hospitality and creative workspaces. You have a keen sense for brand experiences and your portfolio shows a  minimum of 6 years experience in designing commercial spaces.

    You know how to translate a client’s briefing into a suitable and innovative creative concept down to the details, all while managing time and budget constraints. In doing so you will be assisted by junior and mid-level teammates who rely on your constructive guidance and leadership.

    You are a skilled Sketchup artist and master technical drawing software, by preference VectorWorks. V-ray skills are not mandatory but definitely an asset. You know how to bring across the fruits of your hard work to colleagues as well as clients in an engaging manner. It goes without saying that you are up to date on the wide world of design and follow it with pleasure and passion.

    If you are interested in this position please mail your résumé and portfolio to