Property is about people

Parte is a property management company. In Belgium you’ll need a mandatory middleman when there’s more than one owner of a residential property – that’s where Parte comes in. Property management has a bad reputation. They generally feel like an impersonal and imposed party. This also makes it difficult to attract new talent. 

We brought out Parte’s innovative and human-centered approach. Because in the end, property is about people. Owning a property is deeply meaningful on a human level. We designed a clean and caring brand identity that communicates just that.  

Two shapes intersecting

The two shapes intersecting one another in a balanced way, lay at the basis of the entire identity. They mimic the symbiotic relationship of both parties, but more importantly, they highlight meeting each other in the middle.

The brand colors have been carefully selected to balance an approachable personality with a professional aesthetic. Coral is the most distinctive brand color but is used most sparingly as a focus or a highlight color.

Combining two opposed typefaces – one professional, rational and calm and the other more human – echoes the different parties in this partnership.

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