The Japanese secret to a healthy lifestyle

Wine, kombucha, coffee, … Let’s be honest, they all require an acquired taste. To most people, the taste of these drinks had to grow on them at first. Barley tea is no different. This all-natural infusion of barley and water is very different from anything we know today in our Western culture. But barley tea is already wildly popular in Asian countries, and it won't take long before it will take over the European market.

Well-known for its health benefits. We translated barley tea to the Western market with a well-balanced name and brand identity that stays true to the products’ Asian roots.

Introducing mugicha...

Mugicha, or else knows as barley tea, is currently an unknown product to European consumers. Its long list of health benefits and Japanese origin are what will help us bring this product to the European market. Targetting the early adopters that crave healthy products to keep up with their often hectic lifestyles.

Ookii not only benefits your physical health, but the well-balanced look and feel also reduces stimuli offering you a break from your overly busy life. It’s the best kept Japanese secret to a good night’s sleep, a balanced lifestyle and a healthy routine.

Building blocks to a healthy lifestyle

Because Ookii is an all-natural beverage containing just water and barley, both the color palette and the graphic assets needed to reflect the purity its product. That’s why we chose to reduce the whole branding to a minimalistic version of the letters "OOKII", used as large graphical assets.

Our color palette also reflects the composition of our product: barley and water. The different shades of yellow reflect the shades of roasted barley, and the amber color refers to the color of our bottle.

The Ookii mascot

Not only did we want to increase the readability of our brand name OOKII, we also wanted to add an animated character to our brand that would really lift OOKII to a more fun, Japanese inspired brand. And that’s how Dookii, our brand mascot, came into existence. A minimalistic character that is simply made from the elements that were already there: the large OOKII letters.

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