Clean and green goes mainstream

Why wait for change when you yourself can be and make the change you want to see in the world? We all have the power to cause change for the better. Sometimes it’s not even that difficult. All it takes is a simple step forward. Odyskin came to life based on this ethos. It is an all-natural, plastic-free sun protection brand without the usual trade-offs. 

Reflection as a design system

For Odyskin we designed an entire brand identity based on the idea of reflection. The natural ingredients work by reflecting the sun off your skin, but the brand also makes you reflect on your surroundings. Odyskin truly believes that clean and green is the new mainstream. And since several years of scientific research form the foundation of this ambitious love brand, the identity needed to market Odyskin as a pioneer in the green and clean skincare segment.

Sustainable packaging design

We’ve designed the packaging for the full range of Odyskin sun protection products. Their packaging is fully recyclable and 100% plastic-free for complete peace of green mind. The soft colors and subtle gradient reflect the reassuring vibe of doing the right thing. By keeping the packaging completely duotone, we created a slick design with a luxurious feel.

Our visual system is based on the shapes from the logo, which can be scaled and cropped according to their canvas. It’s a versatile, eye-catching design system that reflects Odyskin’s confident nature. The bold and magnified Odyskin icon is used as a frame for the ambassadors: hopeful people that radiate positivity.

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