Tap forward

Water. The greatest resource we have on earth. Noa believes something so precious shouldn’t be taken for granted and deserves to be treated with great care. That’s why they looked at ways in which we use water and developed Noa.

Four water options – filtered, sparkling, chilled and boiling – controlled by the tap of your finger. Simply compatible with every existing tap. An innovative, sustainable, and intuitive way to enjoy the water of your choice. We provided a future-proof name and dynamic design system to make this smart challenger accessible for all.

Water. Any way you like it.

Noa’s four different kinds of water each got their own color and icon. The filtered, sparkling, chilled and boiling icons each feature friendly, rounded shapes and a variation on the visual ‘drop’ concept that can be found throughout the entire brand identity. The ring – Noa’s controller and hero product – visually represents the four modules coming together as one.

A customized typeface

To truly distinguish Noa, we created a customized typeface featuring elegant, rounded corners and two drop shapes in every ‘A’ – a unique and instantly recognizable link to the product.

WeWantMore were fantastic partners. From the strategy, to the visual identity, their quality of thinking and artistic vision was brilliant. Thank you WeWantMore for helping to realise our vision for the Noa brand.

Thomas Sfeir, Co-founder at Noa

Video shot by Nicolas de Borchgrave

Product renders by Ilkay Can Saray

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